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Gloeckner History

original headquarters of Fred Gloeckner and Company
15 East 26th Street

In December 1934, Frederick Carl Gloeckner, his father Carl Gloeckner and Leonard J. Seiger, formed the Fred C. Gloeckner & Co. Inc. at 15 E. 26th Street in the heart of Manhattan. Fred was the driving force behind the formation of the company and the major shareholder. His desire was to do business on a "friendly basis" while offering the best service to the trade. Fred also was very committed to helping growers prosper in times that were known for uncertainty and hardship. By putting his customers first and foremost, Fred and his associates quickly developed lasting relationships with growers and suppliers throughout the world.

In 1941, a major growth step occurred when Gustav H. Poesch joined the Gloeckner Co. Having been on the staff at The Ohio State University, Gus recognized Fred's keen interest in promoting new and innovative products and perceived the dire need to advise growers properly of the technical aspects of the crop. A major emphasis at the time was Cut and Pot Chrysanthemums. Gus Poesch was quite instrumental in first determining the photoperiodic response of Chrysanthemums, which resulted in the rapid development of year round Chrysanthemum production throughout the world.

Fred Gloeckner and Gus Poesch
Fred Gloeckner and Gus Poesch

Fred Gloeckner, Gus Poesch and Len Seiger traveled coast-to-coast selling Plants, Seeds and Bulbs from Worldwide Sources while using their technical skills in assisting growers to improve their production results. Soon, the Gloeckner Co. added sales people who were known for having extensive backgrounds in the horticultural sciences, as well as growing experience. Phil Kurlich, Paul Daum and many others shared the vision of Fred, Gus and Len in a tireless effort to promote the art and science of growing while conducting sales of the company's products.

In 1960, Mr. Gloeckner recognized an additional need for increased funding of floricultural research at the nations leading universities. In order to maximize the effectiveness of his intentions, Mr. Gloeckner established the Fred G. Gloeckner Foundation, Inc. Today the Foundation is the second largest entity after the American Floral Endowment in the funding of floricultural research and related projects. In the year 2009, the Foundation distributed $114,000 to 14 Universities making a grand total of funds distributed to date of $5,721,910.90. The Foundation is a totally separate entity from the Gloeckner Co. and has no financial interest in the company. All related information on the Foundation may be accessed at

Fred Gloeckner believed in hard work, long hours and in maintaining a positive outlook on the future. He challenged many of his employees to use their experience and formal education to exceed their own expectations as well as their customers. Through his 56 years of guiding the company, he demonstrated consistency and empathy in his work with customers and suppliers and with his employees. His work ethic and his business practices continue today to shape the company's mission and goals. After passing away in 1990 at the age of 88, his imprint, as well as that of Mr. Poesch, who died in 1993, have remained deeply rooted in the company's corporate culture and strategies.

Joseph A Simone
Joseph A. Simone

In 1992, the Gloeckner company relocated its national headquarters to its present location in Harrison, New York, and, in 1997, a facility was constructed in Clackamas, Oregon, to perform bulb treatments using state-of-the-art temperature and humidity controls.

During the early 1990s, Joseph A. Simone became the company's president and chief executive officer. Mr. Simone had worked 15 years side-by-side with Mr. Gloeckner; he traveled extensively with Mr. Gloeckner and Mr. Poesch, visiting customers and suppliers throughout the country and abroad. Growing up in a family flower business in Willow Grove, Pa. Mr. Simone's family did business with the Gloeckner Co. since the early 1940's and his exposure to the industry started at a very early age (as is true of many others in the company). Having a grower's perspective remains a very critical component of the Gloeckner way of thinking.

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